Your company recognition is critical. Color theory, grid composition and unique page placement will create an identity your company can be proud of. At Jarrod Michael Studios, all marketing material from your logo to your advertisements and website will maintain a consistent look and feel, resulting in a memorable brand identity.


Marketing collateral is one of the most important ways potential and existing customers view your business. Your message should be clear to anyone on every piece of marketing you present to the world. Jarrod Michael Studios can design any type of marketing collateral your company needs, including but not limited to:


Logos • Brochures • Sale Flyers • Catalog Design • Business Cards • Letterhead • Posters • Trade Show Materials • Direct Mailers • Packaging Design


A website is your company’s online representation and is often the first point of contact with a potential customer. Jarrod Michael Studios can design any type of site from a simple landing page to an elaborate e-commerce website. All the website elements are SEO literate, allowing your site to be highly searchable with all search engines such as Google. We will also host your website and make sure it’s secured on a regular basis. All customers will receive a weekly breakdown of the website analytics, which allows you to see how your website is performing.


You and your company should look its best at all times. With this in mind, we offer product photography, business portraits, architectural photography, and corporate environment / event photography to keep your brand on the highest level of professionalism.

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